The Capstone School Extramural Activities

Sport is an important part of The Capstone School's activities where we develop the body, soul and mind of each child. Our teaching is anchored in the nurturing of fair play and the physical fitness and well-being of our pupils.  We do not only embrace sport in the physical sense, but we combine it with mental strength and vitality. Sport is linked to lessons taught, helping the pupils to understand the merits of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Pupils and teachers hiking across the fields of Heatherbank farm is integral to The Capstone School educational approach. 

Primary Phase Activities

Professional coaches offer the following skills coaching as part of the normal school activities:

Rugby or Soccer



Ball Skills

Private horse-riding lessons are offered on the land adjacent to The Capstone School.

Pre-primary phase

Parents may elect to expose their children to the first taste of organised sport, with opportunities like Kings Rugby, Soccer Starz, Mini Hockey and Mini Cricket which are offered privately after school on The Capstone School premises.

Other private extramural activities

Activities include ballet, drama and Xhosa, while Experi-Buddies introduce children to the magic world of science.

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