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At The Capstone School low student-teacher ratios ensure that the individual needs of each child is recognized and nurtured. Our children, teachers and administrators share a bond of acceptance, respect, and trust. Priority is given to the emotional needs and self-esteem of our children. We encourage children to work and play together in a peaceful, caring group. Our children learn how to be good friends.

Our teaching is anchored in a loving, Christian centered approach we desire for our own children. Each family enrolled in The Capstone School receives our complete attention from the child's first day in the Pre-Primary to graduation from the Primary Phase.

We follow the National Curriculum with a Reggio Emilia inspired teaching philosophy. Within the Reggio Emilia approach, teachers create environments that invite the children to undertake extended exploration and problem solving, often in small groups, where cooperation and debate mingle pleasurably.


In keeping with the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, teachers are co- learners and collaborators alongside the child. Each child is perceived as someone filled with potential, competent and capable of building their own theories. In all our endeavours, children are encouraged to observe, to question and to think deeply.

Children progress at an individualized pace and are assessed on a continuous basis in a non-intrusive manner. Teachers keep records of each child's progress and meet with the parents regularly throughout the year to discuss their child's growth and needs. Emphasis is always placed on maximizing each child's potential and encouraging the child to discover creative ways to engage with all aspects of the environment.

Pupils, teachers and staff all live by a system of shared values, rather than one of restrictive rules. Our disciplinary techniques include prevention, modifying the environment, substituting activities and redirection. Teachers assist children to express their feelings and talk through their difficulties and solving problems.

Welcome to The Capstone School and the warmth and excellence that we embrace.