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Frequently Asked Questions

What Curriculum is followed in the Primary School?

The Primary School follows the National CAPS curriculum with a Reggio Emilia inspired teaching methodology.

What is the best age for a child to start school?
At age 3 a special sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence begin to emerge. This time is ideal to begin a child’s learning since
they are at the perfect age to build a strong foundation for future learning.

Do you encourage parent involvement in the school?
We encourage parent involvement in school activities. The more parents can understand the experience of the child in the classroom, the better able they are to follow through at home. When parents follow through at home, the children benefit even more since they have a consistent environment in which to grow.

Are the teachers qualified?
Each classroom is headed by a qualified teacher. All assistants are selected on the basis of their awareness of the child and dedication to the principles of child development.